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Dear Member, Dear Visitor,

Digital transformation, disruption are the hype words of the moment. The world is changing faster than ever, mature solutions and new technologies like Machine Learning, Internet of Things or Blockchain are about to reshuffle the cards of the game. Nobody doubts today about their potential to reshape the way of working of almost all the industries.
Expectations of our customers, of the market, the countries, and the regulators are also evolving very fast .

And so does Finance & Technology Luxembourg, formerly known as «Association des PSF de Support ». A new name to fit the shape of the new ecosystem, where traditional IT service Providers, Financial Institutions and Fintechs have to define new operating models and possible synergies.
We designed also a new logo, smooth reference to the Roude Léiw to demonstrate our deep anchoring to this country.

By voting in 2003 the legal frame relative to the PSF/S, Luxembourg wanted to protect his banking secrecy and to become a center of excellence in Financial operations.
Over the years, it demonstrated the value of the vision. But with the trend of the globalization, the pressure of the markets on the costs of our customers and ourselves, the changes relative to the banking secrecy, the arrival of the Fintech’s, and the general adoption of the cloud, this unique framework is now seen as a form of anachronistic protectionism.

We are now at a critical moment of our history. Luxembourg must reinvent himself to continue to flourish in this changing world. We are a country of services, we must become a country with increased added value services and with sharp expertise. Our potential is high and our abilities are wide.

Our Mission, in Finance & Technology Luxembourg, is to actively support our members, develop and leverage synergies between Financial Institutions, Fintechs and Support PSF entities and to develop our business abroad by bringing our know-how and expertise beyond our borders We welcome and value any idea to enrich our role and develop Luxembourg financial capabilities. Don’t hesitate to reach to our Board members under the Team tab. Our industry association is about networking, interaction and reshaping for the mutual benefit of our members and partners.

Welcome to Finance & Technology Luxembourg.

« Jean-François Terminaux, Chairman FTL »

Our Goals

The mission of the association is to actively develop the finance and technology ecosystem in Luxembourg and abroad.

The initial aim of the association was to inform, help and encourage synergies between member companies and the proactive treatment of subjects directly linked to the development of the Support PSF industry in accordance with the reform of prudential rules by the supervisory body CSSF under the circular 12/544.

Following the changes of the financial world with new technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things, Machine Learning or Blockchain, it came to evidence for the association that the future of the companies acting in this market is to bring closer the knowledge of the actual support PSF companies and the Fintechs. Today in continuity with our initial goal, our will is to inform, promote, help and leverage synergies between our members, the Financial Sector and also other industries around the world.

We estimate that our relationship with the Luxembourg Government, the CSSF, the Financial Institutions and the other associations acting for the ICT and the financial development in Luxembourg can bring to our members a concrete added-value.

The exchanges within our association are based on networking and collaboration between all members and partners for their mutual benefit.

With more than 50 members, Finance and Technology Luxembourg is growing with additional members which aim to participate to the future of our market and the Financial Place of Luxembourg.


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(+352) 43 53 66 1

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(+352) 43 53 66 1

PO Box 1304
L-1013 Luxembourg